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Marty Ball....

Posted on: December 12, 2010 8:12 pm
Brian Schottenheimer, You need to be fired NOW. You are one of the worst OC's in football. You're play call makes absolutely no sense. On 1st down you pound it up the middle with LaDanian Tomlinson for about 2 yards every time. Then on 3rd down you go to the "Seminole" Offense with Brad Smith and he gets absolutely no yards. The guy used to play quarter Back at Missouri LET HIM THROW IT. Lets get to the Mark Sanchez play call, Its absolutely horrible. They never run Bootlegs anymore to Dustin Keller. You Make Mark throw short dump passes to Tomlinson which NEVER WORK. And Play Joe McKnight for god sakes the kid has speed unline Shonn Green and LaDanian Tomlinson. You're absolutely pathetic.
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